Printing and Copier Papers (Recycled and Virgin Fibres)

  • Service Area Office Solutions
  • Organisational Unit
  • Scope ? Pan Government
  • Reference Number RM655
  • Description A Framework Agreement for the supply, of Printing and Copier Papers (recycled and Virgin Fibre).

    Designed specifically to meet the needs of public sector customers, the framework agreement allows requirements to be called off quickly and offers recycled papers for a range of uses including publicity, campaign print material, publications and printed stationery.

    The scope of the offering includes:

    • Recycled fibre coated printing papers
    • Recycled fibre uncoated printing papers
    • Recycled fibre copier papers
    • Virgin fibre coated printing papers
    • Virgin fibre uncoated printing papers
    • Virgin fibre copier papers

      The minimum recycled content is now 50% for coated and uncoated printing papers and 100% for copier paper.

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    • Body name ? Crown Commercial Service
    • Body
    • Start Date01 September 2009
    • End Date 31 August 2012
    • Extension Option31 August 2013
    • Review Date
    • Amount ? 400000000
    • Non-recoverable VAT 0.00
    • Supplier name Antalis, Elliot Baxter, Howard Smith, James McNaughton Group, Premier Paper, Robert Horne Group, The Paper Company, Xerox UK Ltd
    • Supplier Organisation Type
    • Procurement Category Level 1 Stationery
    • Procurement Category Level 2 Paper
    • Contact point
    • OJEU Notice ? 2009/S 69-100043
    • Tender or Quotation Issued? Yes
    • Framework ? Yes
    • Bought via Framework ?
    • Framework Organisation ?
    • CPV Code