Crown Office Supplies

  • Service Area Facilities
  • Organisational Unit
  • Scope ? National UK Public Sector
  • Reference Number RM3723
  • Description

    This market-leading agreement has been designed to enable public sector customers to access all of their office supplies requirements via a single solution. It helps customers achieve savings by buying through a core list of standard specification products including:

    Office stationery: general office stationery products such as pens, pencils, desktop accessories, filing, presentation items, diaries and associated office supplies including catering consumables.

    Office paper: office paper products such as cut paper and board.

    Janitorial products: janitorial cleaning products such as washroom supplies, blue roll, washing-up liquid and refuse sacks.

    Small office machines: small office machines such as desktop printers, paper shredding machines, label making machines and laminators.

    Electronic office supplies: electronic office supplies such as ink and toner printer cartridges.

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  • Body name ? Crown Commercial Service
  • Body
  • Start Date31 March 2016
  • End Date 30 March 2019
  • Extension Option30 March 2020
  • Review Date
  • Amount ? 264000000
  • Non-recoverable VAT 0.00
  • Supplier name Banner Business Supplies Ltd, XMA Ltd
  • Supplier Organisation Type
  • Procurement Category Level 1 Stationery
  • Procurement Category Level 2 Sundries
  • Contact point
  • OJEU Notice ? 2016/S 003-002454
  • Tender or Quotation Issued? Yes
  • Framework ? Yes
  • Bought via Framework ?
  • Framework Organisation ?
  • CPV Code