Demand Side Response Services

  • Service Area Energy
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  • Scope ? National UK Public Sector
  • Reference Number RM3792
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    Demand Side Response is the term used for a scheme where customers are incentivised financially to lower or shift their electricity use at peak times. This helps Transmission and Distribution Network Operators to manage or ‘balance’ the load or voltage on electricity networks to ensure supply meets demand and consequently that nationally we can continue to ‘keep the lights on’.

    There are a variety of different schemes available for Demand Side Response which request either additional capacity to be generated to the grid to meet demand or for capacity to be reduced from the grid. This can be achieved from a variety of assets used widely across the public sector including:

    • Combined Heat and Power systems (CHP)
    • Back-up generators
    • Buildings management systems which can vary the load requirement from non-essential equipment such as air conditioning, heating, chillers etc.

    In addition to these network schemes there are opportunities for customers to derive savings from the reduction of electricity consumption from the grid during peak times which incur fixed transmission and distribution costs.

    There are many public sector organisations including hospitals, universities, the Ministry of Defence and Local Authorities who already participate in Demand Side Response and are generating additional revenue whilst reducing energy bills. Please visit the case studies section of this web page for further information.

    The Suppliers on this framework act as an ‘aggregator’ so that smaller sites can access DSR schemes. The suppliers will carry out a site assessment to determine if your site is suitable and advise on what schemes are appropriate for you to participate in.

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  • Start Date21 June 2017
  • End Date 20 June 2020
  • Extension Option20 June 2021
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  • Supplier name Centrica Plc, EDF Energy Customers plc, Endeco Technologies Ltd, EnerNOC UK Ltd, Flextricity Ltd, Limejump Ltd
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