Estates Professional Services

  • Service Area Facilities
  • Organisational Unit
  • Scope ? National UK Public Sector
  • Reference Number RM3816
  • Description

    RM3816 will provide you with a ‘one stop shop’ solution for professional property related services through the provision of services at the right cost. RM3816 enables you to:

        Reduce property costs
        Release unwanted property assets
        identify savings and opportunities to generate income from land and buildings
        Meet central targets for reduced property occupancy
        Commission reports, studies and strategies to assist in the management of your estate
        Procure resources and guidance to manage and provide assurance on the management of your     estate
        Procure services to manage the procurement of Facilities Management services
        Access specialist advice, guidance and management for new or existing vertical Real Estate
        Adopt innovative and lean process principles
        Deliver social value that is relevant to your needs

    The scope of services within the framework has been designed to provide all central government departments, devolved administrations and wider public sectors with a simplified means of sourcing estate-related services to support the delivery of a suite of property requirements and projects through a range of Lots and panels operating on a regional basis.

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  • Body name ? Crown Commercial Service
  • Body
  • Start Date22 August 2017
  • End Date 21 August 2021
  • Review Date
  • Amount ? 0
  • Non-recoverable VAT 0.00
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  • Procurement Category Level 1 Works - Construction, Repair & Maintenance
  • Procurement Category Level 2 Buildings
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  • OJEU Notice ?
  • Tender or Quotation Issued? Yes
  • Framework ? Yes
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